How to Migrate Outlook for Mac OLM files to Apple Mail, Contacts and Calendar

1) Launch “OLM Converter Pro” and add your OLM files for conversion. Need help in exporting the olm file CLICK HERE

2) Choose “Apple Mail, AddressBook/Contacts, Calendar/*.ical” as target format and click on “Start” button.
Choose an output folder on your “Desktop”, give name as “Converted OLM” and wait until the conversion finishes.

3) When conversion process starts “Conversion Progress” sheet displays details of current item
being processed as well as overall progress as described in Conversion Progress.
Once the conversion is complete you will see conversion completion report. A detailed conversion
report is available and you can save it to disk by clicking on “Save” button in the report window.
The report is saved with the name “OLM Conversion Report##.txt” where ## represents the date and time when conversion started. finishing the conversion.

4)  Launch Apple Mail and go to Application Menu –> File –> “Import Mailboxes…
Browse to the location where you saved converted stuff on Mac. Just select the output folder and don’t go deeper in the folder hierarchy. Click on “Choose” button.
Apple Mail searches the given folder for emails and displays a list of all folders.
Click on “Continue” button and wait until the import finishes.

5) After the import process completes, you can find your emails in Apple Mail under the tab “ON MY
MAC” in left-hand side pane as displayed in the following figure. Similarly, you can find all your contacts
in Apple Address Book and calendar events in Apple iCal.

Importing vCard (*.vcf) To Apple Address Book:

Open finder and browse to the location where you had saved converted content.
If you have contacts in your OLM file then a file named “Contacts.vcf” is created in the output folder.
Double click it to import your contacts into Apple Address Book. Ignore this step if your contacts have already been imported.

Importing iCalendar (*.ics) To Apple iCal:

Similarly, double-click on “Calendar.ics” (If you have 1 or more calendar events in the OLM file).
This will import your calendar events into Apple iCal. Ignore this step if your calendar events have already been imported into iCal.

Congratulations! Migration has been completed successfully.

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